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About the movement

Welcome to ChangeMob!

We are a mob, a mob of strangers all united with the same vision- the vision to see true, real, lasting change in the lives of people all over the world.  Not only in our local neighborhoods, towns and cities, but the WHOLE world, one person, one dollar at a time.

The man behind the mob, its first joiner- Jonathan Kuiper, realized this vision could be possible.  He figured if everyone (well, even some) of the people in this country would be willing to give a dollar to a cause in need, then that need would be met a hundred times over.  So then, how to spread his vision and get people to join his mob and give their dollars?  He thought he’d reward us!

So, this is just what the ChangeMob is about

Give one dollar to a worthy cause and in return get a reward in the form of an awesome deal from the brands and stores you like most.  We at ChangeMob are extremely excited to see what happens when giving back starts giving back!  We think and hope it will open up a world of change!  So are you ready to join our mob and get your reward while making a change all at the same time?

The ChangeMob Team